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Peaceful Simplicity CT

Love & Light Soy Wax Intention Candle Tin

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Love & Light Soy Wax Candle Tin

This candle will clear away negative energies and replace them with love, light, and positive energy. The scent has a citrusy warm floral scent that will spark feelings of love and connection. 

Essentials Oils & Natural Fragance:

Grapefruit (known to give you happy & energized vibes), Cedarwood (soothes nerves), Vanilla (stimulates feelings of happiness), Rose (fights anxiety while relaxing mind & body), Jasmine (stimulates feelings of love and increased energy), and rose flowers.

Healing Crystals:

Rose Quartz (promotes self love, friendship, and deep inner healing), Sunstones (stone of joy, allowing your true self to shine through, encouraging independence & originality), Citrine (symbolizes joy, optimism, & confidence), Clear Quartz (keeps us sharp of mind & clear of heart)


Positivity, Connection, Love, and Cleansing. To set your intention candle you simply write your intention down and put it underneath the candle. Light the candle & manifest. Allow yourself to will you intention into existence.