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Peaceful Simplicity CT

Botanical Bath Salts

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Treating yourself to a aroma therapeutic salt bath promotes relaxation and well being. 
♡ Soften & hydrates skin
♡ Offers great 
skin barrier function
♡ Exfoliates
♡ Removes toxins
♡ Decreases stress 
♡ Relieves pain, inflammation, sore muscles & joint pain

Himalayan Salt, Dead Sea Salt, Epson Salt, & Lavender Essential Oils.
♡Botanical Blend of Calendula, Chamomile, Lavender, Hibiscus, Rose Buds, Rose Hips & Yarrow

♡ Himalayan salt can help detox the body, reduce inflammation, lessen muscle aches & pain, temporarily increase blood circulation, and improve sleep.
♡ Epson Salt eases stress, relaxes the body, draws toxins out of the body, & helps reduce inflammation.
♡ Dead Sea salt balances skin moisture, reduces muscle pain/stiffness, improves the circulation of lymphatic fluid, supports a great night's sleep, detoxes the skin.
♡ Chamomile- ( soothes irritated skin & reduces redness)
♡Calendula- (great for dry sensitive skin, prone to rashes and conditions such as eczema, dermatitis and psoriasis.)
♡ Yarrow- is one the world’s oldest medicinal plants. It is an excellent anti-inflammatory healer. 
♡ Lavender has natural skin cleansing properties, soothes irritated skin, promotes collagen
 production, & heals damaged skin.
♡ Hibiscus combats the ageing process by firming, smoothing, & lifting your skin. It evens skin tone, helps control acne, & calms irritated skin.
♡ Rose buds & hips has anti aging properties that reduce the appearance of wrinkles & soothes irritated skin